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About oddsends.org.uk

After many years I am resurrecting my personal blog. I'm not entirely sure why. Its intuitive rather than rational. Over the next few months (and possibly years) I'll occasionally share thoughts on health informatics, safe, effective and secure health software and health IT systems, and other topics that come to mind.


I will also comment on the platform I am using to host this blog, which is a repurposing of the system I developed for sharing concept definitions. It's overkill, but I now know how you work it, and feel comfortable writing on it.

To see the platform in its “intended use” have a look at contsys.org where I host the model conforming to ISO 13940 or 81001.org where I share my model of the concepts for safe, effective and secure health software and health IT systems.


November 2019

Published on Monday, November 11, 2019 by Nicholas O